Monday, February 28, 2011

Jumping on the Blog Bandwagon

Happy Monday!
This is my first post ever, and well, I’m pretty excited to start this adventure. I decided to start blogging after months of reading what seems like hundreds of other cute blogs, and needless to say, I’m now obsessed. I owe my new obsession to a friend, co-worker, and fellow bride to be, Sarah who also has a cute blog – My Own Little World.
So why am I starting my own blog? Do I really have anything to say worth reading? Well probably not, but this is such an exciting time in my life, and if I’m my only follower, well at least I have a journal to reflect back on later in my life. I’m at such a crazy point in my life. I’m 3 months from graduating and hitting the adult world with a bang. Yesterday also hit the 6 month mark of my countdown to being a married woman. My life is one corner away from making some huge changes, and this next year is going to be one of the busiest yet most memorable times in my life, and I don’t want to forget any of it.
I’ll leave you today with a picture of one of my favorite fortunes I ever received  (Thank’s Google, you can find anything these days)
And there you have the inspiration to my blog title “Minor Details”.
I’ve got some major events coming up, but I hope this blog will help me remember the little things that sometimes make my days a little easier, my smiles a little brighter, and my life a little fuller.