Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Football, y'all!

9 days. 

NINE FRIGGIN DAYS until the South Carolina Gamecocks play their first football game of 2012. 

And i'm PUMPED.


No, ......ECSTATIC.

Fall is by far my favorite season and a big reason why is because of football. Nothing beats tailgating all day with friends and family and watching your favorite team play this great American sport

I was lucky enough to grow up a die hard South Carolina fan, and am now privileged to call USC my alma mater.

Attending football games takes a lot of hard work. In the south, it's a fashion show. And a chance to prove who is the most hospitable person with their "fancy, shmancy" tailgates. And I love every part of it.

A lot goes in to dressing for the part... Below, I've included some necessities for looking your best at a South Carolina Football Game. (some I already have in my closet, and some i'm dying to get my hands on!)

For home games, it's all about dressing up! A black dress like the bottom right picture is a MUST. Pair with this necklace, or this one, and those Jack Rogers, you're good to go!

Skirts/tops are another of my favorite combos that are perfect for home games. The outfit like the one in the middle is a must have combo, and i'm just lusting over this garnet skirt
As long as you have a matching Carolina Gamecock Face tattoo, you're all set! :)

For away games, I like to keep it a little more simple. We usually have people over at the house or are hanging out eating and drinking with friends, so I'm all about the comfort for these games! Fitted tees like this one or this one are the way to go.

Like I said, Football in the South is A. BIG. DEAL. I've been preparing my wardrobe all summer for this season and I can't wait.

Any other BIG football fans out there? What's your favorite part? Are you excited??!??!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

That time I almost thought we weren't married...

Let me just state... for the record.... name changing is a b*tch!

I'm so glad I only have to go through this process once in my life, because it's not fun.

I was pretty good about changing over most of my important documents (social security card, license, bank accounts, etc) within the first few months of being married. However, there was one large item I never made it to change, my passport. Going to the post office is quite possibly one of the most dreaded tasks and after a year of mailing off invitations to the wedding, showers, and thank yous, i'd be happy if I never step foot in a post office again.

Except one problem... Shane and I are going on a cruise in November and we need our passports.

So I looked up the necessary documents I needed to fill out, brought them, my marriage license, social security card, and passport picture to the post office today on my lunch break.

After waiting in line for 30 minutes, 2 things happened that literally made my heart stop.

- First, it's going to cost ANOTHER $110 to get my new passport. A lesson to ALL brides, change it within the first year since you APPLIED for your first passport, not a year from which you changed your last name. I thought I was still safe since it's been just under a year since I legally changed my last name.... NOT THE CASE. There goes my cruise drinking $$$. womp.

Second, apparently the post office doesn't require you to have brains to work there... The lady working the passport counter legit ARGUED with me for 10 straight minutes telling me that my Marriage License was not my Marriage Certificate and that I did not have the proper documents and that legally we were not married. WHAT!?!?!?! She was acting so stupid, she had me partially scared that somehow Shane and I were not married in the eyes of the court. She wouldn't take the document and told me I needed to go to the probate court right away because something wasn't right.

UM SAY WHAT!??!?! I literally left the post office in tears and ran across the street to the probate court. THANKFULLY, the people there were a lot more, um, educated.... and told me, I was IN FACT married, and had the correct document. She gave me her card so that if the lady at the post office argued with me anymore, that I could just have her call the probate office. I mean, my question is, what does this post office lady do all day?!?! I can't be the first new bride to change her name at the Columbia post office.

Whatevs.... now that is out of the way, I can, in fact look forward to celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks, and our cruise in November!

Happy Thursday peeps!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Checking in...

I guess you could say i've been in a blogging rut and haven't had much to blog about lately. I'm sure i'll pick back up soon though... FALL, football, anniversary, birthdays, (AKA my favorite time of year) are right around the corner.... and that time of year always has me in a super creative mood...plus lots of fun adventures to share.

For now, i'll leave you all with a photo dump of what we've been up to lately. (PS, I got a new iphone back in July, and addicted to Instagram is an understatement!)

quick trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with our parents!

With Lyndsey & Yale for their couple's shower on July 28th.
While we were in town for the shower, we got to see some of our BFFs (none of us live in the same town anymore so it was pure bliss getting to catch up!)
Visiting Pam & Pat in Charleston. We went to the FireFly Distillery for Pat's birthday....SO.MUCH.FUN!
Even though I'm not blogging as much these days, I'm LOVING still reading and catching up on other blogs! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

1 year later

Exactly one year ago today, my family changed forever. I've often written on my blog about how much my life completely changed last August, and it all started with this.

On Saturday, August 13th, I woke up at 7am to a phone call from my brother. Half asleep, I heard words that instantly made me feel all kinds of emotions "You're an aunt!" At 28 weeks, my sister in law had gone in to labor and they had to do an emergency C-section on her that morning. The next 8 weeks (which included a wedding and honeymoon for us) were very scary for my brother and sister in law as their precious baby girls fought for their lives every day in the NICU. I quickly became the "crazy, obsessed aunt" as these were the first babies born in to our family and I fell in love with them!
Yesterday, we got to celebrate one of the many milestones that we were all soooo happy to see... their first birthday!

They've come such a long way, and are proof that God truly answers prayers. Many of my blog friends (whom I've never even met in real life) have even had times expressed thoughts and concern as I've blogged about them in the past, and I am truly thankful for that.