Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Signs I'm Not Myself

So, I haven't blogged in a good 3 months.

Not acceptable. I have had so many blog worthy things going on. Our first year anniversary, fun themed parties, crafty nights, new recipes I've found or want to try, weddings, events, TV shows, etc. But finding the time to blog about them has been ridiculous. I'm doing good to have uploaded pics last night to Facebook that have been on my camera since August.

But something has happened lately that has left me saying, "Who am I and what have I done with Olivia?!?!"

Maybe I'm over committing. Maybe I'm just doing a little too much and not focusing on the important things. I mean hello, I've always been little miss overachiever, working multiple jobs, planning big events, going to school, and balancing it all while having a super clean house and chasing my inner Martha Stewart. But lately, that's fallen by the wayside.

Lately, my house hasn't been spotless. Don't get me wrong, I don't think i'll ever be that person who has a dirty house, but things just aren't the way they usually are. My closet isn't color coordinated any more. There are almost ALWAYS at least 2 or 3 pairs of shoes by my door, and I can't tell you the last time our laundry basket has been empty.

We've also been out of town almost every weekend, and some weeks I find myself not completely unpacking, but transferring bags and not putting things fully back to where they belong.

I haven't worked out. In like a month. I haven't been gaining weight, and surprisingly have lost a little thanks to watching what I eat most of the time, but I still don't feel that healthy and I know it's because working out makes me feel amazing.

I haven't been cooking and trying new recipes like I want to, and I have new projects that I want to create, but my crafts end up piling up in the corner like junk waiting to be stored.

Anyone who knows me, knows that these things literally stress me out. And I'm not sure what to do to fix it.

I'm doing great at my new job and I love it, but i'm ALWAYS busy. And I have to be alert and at my most creative all day. So by the time I get home, I'm too exhausted to think about applying that to my own life. And the weekends are our only time to spend quality time with friends and family, so we're usually busy with that.

And when I do get a chance to relax, I do just that. I sleep, for like 12 hours at a time. But then I end up feeling guilty about not getting other things done.

Sometimes I wonder if this is what new moms go through as they realize they can't do it all like they used to. But then again, I see people every day balancing way more than I ever have and I am envious. I'm trying to cope with the fact that maybe that just isn't me anymore and that now I just need to take a step back, make some realistic goals, and get back to doing what makes me happy.

I haven't abandoned blogging all together, and I'm sure that at some point, i'll look back on this post and realize I was just going through a rut, but right now, this is something I'll put aside as I try to get back to balancing everything. Until then, I'm still reading blogs in my spare time, and don't want to lose touch with the blogging community or the "friends" I've met through this! I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been through this, so hopefully you all understand and I don't lose touch completely!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Football, y'all!

9 days. 

NINE FRIGGIN DAYS until the South Carolina Gamecocks play their first football game of 2012. 

And i'm PUMPED.


No, ......ECSTATIC.

Fall is by far my favorite season and a big reason why is because of football. Nothing beats tailgating all day with friends and family and watching your favorite team play this great American sport

I was lucky enough to grow up a die hard South Carolina fan, and am now privileged to call USC my alma mater.

Attending football games takes a lot of hard work. In the south, it's a fashion show. And a chance to prove who is the most hospitable person with their "fancy, shmancy" tailgates. And I love every part of it.

A lot goes in to dressing for the part... Below, I've included some necessities for looking your best at a South Carolina Football Game. (some I already have in my closet, and some i'm dying to get my hands on!)

For home games, it's all about dressing up! A black dress like the bottom right picture is a MUST. Pair with this necklace, or this one, and those Jack Rogers, you're good to go!

Skirts/tops are another of my favorite combos that are perfect for home games. The outfit like the one in the middle is a must have combo, and i'm just lusting over this garnet skirt
As long as you have a matching Carolina Gamecock Face tattoo, you're all set! :)

For away games, I like to keep it a little more simple. We usually have people over at the house or are hanging out eating and drinking with friends, so I'm all about the comfort for these games! Fitted tees like this one or this one are the way to go.

Like I said, Football in the South is A. BIG. DEAL. I've been preparing my wardrobe all summer for this season and I can't wait.

Any other BIG football fans out there? What's your favorite part? Are you excited??!??!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

That time I almost thought we weren't married...

Let me just state... for the record.... name changing is a b*tch!

I'm so glad I only have to go through this process once in my life, because it's not fun.

I was pretty good about changing over most of my important documents (social security card, license, bank accounts, etc) within the first few months of being married. However, there was one large item I never made it to change, my passport. Going to the post office is quite possibly one of the most dreaded tasks and after a year of mailing off invitations to the wedding, showers, and thank yous, i'd be happy if I never step foot in a post office again.

Except one problem... Shane and I are going on a cruise in November and we need our passports.

So I looked up the necessary documents I needed to fill out, brought them, my marriage license, social security card, and passport picture to the post office today on my lunch break.

After waiting in line for 30 minutes, 2 things happened that literally made my heart stop.

- First, it's going to cost ANOTHER $110 to get my new passport. A lesson to ALL brides, change it within the first year since you APPLIED for your first passport, not a year from which you changed your last name. I thought I was still safe since it's been just under a year since I legally changed my last name.... NOT THE CASE. There goes my cruise drinking $$$. womp.

Second, apparently the post office doesn't require you to have brains to work there... The lady working the passport counter legit ARGUED with me for 10 straight minutes telling me that my Marriage License was not my Marriage Certificate and that I did not have the proper documents and that legally we were not married. WHAT!?!?!?! She was acting so stupid, she had me partially scared that somehow Shane and I were not married in the eyes of the court. She wouldn't take the document and told me I needed to go to the probate court right away because something wasn't right.

UM SAY WHAT!??!?! I literally left the post office in tears and ran across the street to the probate court. THANKFULLY, the people there were a lot more, um, educated.... and told me, I was IN FACT married, and had the correct document. She gave me her card so that if the lady at the post office argued with me anymore, that I could just have her call the probate office. I mean, my question is, what does this post office lady do all day?!?! I can't be the first new bride to change her name at the Columbia post office.

Whatevs.... now that is out of the way, I can, in fact look forward to celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks, and our cruise in November!

Happy Thursday peeps!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Checking in...

I guess you could say i've been in a blogging rut and haven't had much to blog about lately. I'm sure i'll pick back up soon though... FALL, football, anniversary, birthdays, (AKA my favorite time of year) are right around the corner.... and that time of year always has me in a super creative lots of fun adventures to share.

For now, i'll leave you all with a photo dump of what we've been up to lately. (PS, I got a new iphone back in July, and addicted to Instagram is an understatement!)

quick trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with our parents!

With Lyndsey & Yale for their couple's shower on July 28th.
While we were in town for the shower, we got to see some of our BFFs (none of us live in the same town anymore so it was pure bliss getting to catch up!)
Visiting Pam & Pat in Charleston. We went to the FireFly Distillery for Pat's birthday....SO.MUCH.FUN!
Even though I'm not blogging as much these days, I'm LOVING still reading and catching up on other blogs! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

1 year later

Exactly one year ago today, my family changed forever. I've often written on my blog about how much my life completely changed last August, and it all started with this.

On Saturday, August 13th, I woke up at 7am to a phone call from my brother. Half asleep, I heard words that instantly made me feel all kinds of emotions "You're an aunt!" At 28 weeks, my sister in law had gone in to labor and they had to do an emergency C-section on her that morning. The next 8 weeks (which included a wedding and honeymoon for us) were very scary for my brother and sister in law as their precious baby girls fought for their lives every day in the NICU. I quickly became the "crazy, obsessed aunt" as these were the first babies born in to our family and I fell in love with them!
Yesterday, we got to celebrate one of the many milestones that we were all soooo happy to see... their first birthday!

They've come such a long way, and are proof that God truly answers prayers. Many of my blog friends (whom I've never even met in real life) have even had times expressed thoughts and concern as I've blogged about them in the past, and I am truly thankful for that.

Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and celebrated the 4th in true patriotic fashion!
We had a pretty low key but fun day off work spent drinking by the pool, cooking out, and watching fireworks right down from our house. It was definitely a good day spent!

Monday, July 2, 2012

What a bargain!

Have you heard of Last Call by Neiman Marcus?! 

Well, if you haven't, allow me to introduce you to your NEW best friend.

I may or may not be racking up the frequent flyer miles on my credit card lately by purchasing some of their amazing deals.

My favorite deal so far?

$45 for a bright new pair of Jack Rogers. 

Yep, these normally $100+ sandals have always been on my wish list, but I just could never bring myself to buy some for those prices. Last week, I stumbled across a deal that Last Call was offering where certain colors were already on sale and then they were an added 50% OFF! I ordered them immediately, got free shipping, and these pretty little babies arrived this past Saturday.... O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D.

These sandals are still a whopping 40% off, bringing a total to still right around $50. It's such a bargain for these precious, southern staples.

This is not a sponsored post, but just thought I'd share so you all can be just as broke as I am! :)

Happy shopping friends!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wedding Mania

One of the many reasons I've been so M.I.A from this bloggy over the past few months is we have spent almost every weekend traveling to some sort of wedding festivity. Yep, Shane and I have officially hit "that age". We have quite a few friends getting married or even some who are now having babies, so we've been making our way around the states to attend all these festivities. This is definitely such an exciting time in our lives, and I know it is for all of our friends.... we're all truly growing up. (woahhh)

Sarah & Andy's Wedding - Columbia, SC

Sarah & Andy's Wedding - Columbia, SC

Sarah & Andy's Wedding - Columbia, SC

Me & Mom at my cousin's Bridal Shower - Florence, SC

Bridal Shower - Florence, SC

Landon & Adam's Reception - Huntersville, NC

Landon & Adam's Reception - Huntersville, NC

Brent & Elaine's Wedding - Greenville, SC

Brent & Elaine's Wedding - Greenville, SC

Lyndsey's Kitchen Shower - Charleston, SC

Lyndsey's Kitchen Shower - Charleston, SC

Lyndsey's Kitchen Shower - Charleston, SC

Summer Reading

Ahh, nothing says summer time like sipping a cold beverage out on the lake, by the pool, or with my toes in the sand and a good book in hand!

Shane and I aren't taking any big vacations this summer, since we're going on a week long cruise in November. I also just started a new job, so I'm back to square one with vacation time. With that being said, we're all about the "mini-vacations" and "staycations" this summer. We're currently  hitting record high temps and as long as I'm by some form of water with the least amount of clothing that's publicly acceptable, I'm happy!

We've been taking full advantage of hanging out at different places, and i've had some pretty good summer books to help me relax.

The first, is the ever popular 50 Shades Of Grey series. For all of you out there who are skeptical and want to call it porn, well pshhhhh. It's an AWESOME series! Yes, there are some, ahem, parts that make you a little flushed reading it, but it's good, trust me!

After reading the 50 Shades series, I picked up the latest book by one of my favorite authors, Kate White (also the editor in chief for Cosmopolitan), titled So Pretty It Hurts. White writes lighthearted mysteries and stories about uptown NYC characters. They're really quick and easy reads, and like I said... super lighthearted. The perfect book to read on those lazy days or when you just want to get lost in a fun little mystery or story.

I have a few more books on my reading list for this summer including:
The Hunger Games Trilogy (I know, I know, I am late to the game!)
The Sixes (another Kate White novel)
Low Country Summer by Dorothea Benton Frank (I saw this on my friend Sarah's recommendations, and decided to try it out!)

Do you all get in reading moods like me during the summer? What books do you recommend?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lately - In Pics

Aside from being super busy at my new job, which I LOVE, I've just been enjoying this gorgeous weather and spending time with my honey and friends...

our neighborhood pool is finally open and I had it all to myself last weekend. It was perfect weather, and the perfect excuse for me to finish the 50 Shade of Grey series (obsessed BTW)

South Carolina baseball is in post season right now and many nights i've spent doing this while watching!

We've been to visit our twin nieces a few times and they're still growing like weeds and doing great... We love our aunt and uncle time with them!

Shane's college roommate and his wife had a little boy back in November, and we've been dying to meet him but with crazy schedules, we haven't been able to. We finally made it to their house this week and it was SO nice catching up and playing with this happy baby

This past weekend, we went to Charleston for a little get away and to spend time with my bestie Pam & her BF and to also see my friend Lyn & her fiance. Friday night, we all had dinner down town.

Saturday, we got up early for walk on the Ravenel bridge. Pam and Pat live right on the harbor within a few hundred feet to the entrance to the bridge. I so wish I lived there for the view alone...amazing!

I've been a pretty bad blogger lately, but as you can see, we've been keeping busy! 
I will be back this week for some fun posts so stay tuned... :)

Memorial Day Weekend

This post is a little late, but It's been a crazy month.
By the way, what the heck? It's already JUNE?!?! Where has 2012 gone!!!

Let's go back a few weekends to Memorial Day Weekend. Shane and I were BOTH off for 3 days straight! With his job he usually has to work weekends, so that NEVER happens.

The weather in the south has been beautiful for the majority of May and memorial day weekend did not disappoint. Shane and I ventured up to North Carolina for a gorgeous weekend out on the lake and for his sister's wedding reception. (they got married back in February in New Zealand, so they had a local reception for friends and family to attend.)

Here are some pics of our fun, relaxing start to summer!

us with Shane's sister, Landon

 fun cupcakes and favor boxes at the reception
first dance
memorial day at Verdict Ridge Golf Club
Hello Summer!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Top Five This Week

Ello Lovelies!

Hope you have had a fantastic week! I'm linking up again with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to bring you my Top 5 Things of the week in...

1. Yesterday was my last FULL day at my job before I start my new one Tuesday. I'm in my office this morning turning in my key and packing up last minute things before I peace out! My coworkers treated me to lunch yesterday at a local BBQ place (where I'm pretty sure I gained a good 3 lbs) and gave me a gift certificate as a going away gift. It was super sweet and I'm really going to miss some of them.

My office all packed up
  2. Thanks to my blog friends and twitter, I've broken down, and downloaded 50 Shade of Grey to read. Damn all of you for talking about it so much I need to read it now for myself. Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll post what I think about it at some point or another. I'm excited to dig in though...

 3. TV/Season Finale madness
I'm such a TV addict and I'm definitely the prime demo for soo many of the primetime shows right now! Some of my favorites for this season have included: One Tree Hill (may it forever RIP), Revenge, Scandal, Hart of Dixie, American Idol, Gossip Girl, Ringer, & Greys Anatomy (although, I'm wayyyy behind on the DVR with this one and I'm trying to avoid all the angry tweets/blog posts about whatever happened last night)

4. This past Tuesday, I went after work for a free facial that I won by dropping my business card in a box at a local restaurant. It was SO relaxing, and even though they did it to promote their products, I didn't mind being a guinny pig and trying out what they had to offer. My face has felt so bright and clear this week.

I'm also planning to go for some extended pampering on Monday since I don't start my new job until Tuesday. Massage and mani/pedi, here I come! (thanks to my coworkers for the gift certificate, it will be FREE and much enjoyed!

5. Do any of you with an Iphone/Ipad play the Logos Quiz game app? If not, you should download it RIGHT NOW. So. Much. Fun. Last night, Shane and I may have laid in bed for an hour and a half guessing logos and fussing over the game. Nerd status right here.

So, friends, what were the top five things from YOUR week?
Have a wonderful weekend!