Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Line-up

It's seems like most of the blog world has had some post relevant to this, but it's only necessary that I share with you what will be consuming my nights this fall.... my DVR. I think this season, more than any, I may find myself getting in to wayyy too much TV.

I'm blaming it on my old TV addicted roomie who got me hooked on a ton of shows last year, and the fact that I work for a CW affiliate so I not only feel compelled to watch our shows, but to watch our primetime competition as well. (pretty snazzy excuse to watch a bunch of tv huh?)

Here's what my weeks will look like:

**marks new shows i'm trying out this year

How I Met Your Mother 8-9 pm on CBS

Gossip Girl 8-9 pm on CW
**Hart of Dixie 9-10 pm on CW

Glee 8-9 pm on FX
**Ringer 9-10 pm on CW
**Unforgettable 10-11 pm on CBS

Law & Order SVU 10-11 pm on NBC (favorite show of all time and i'm really upset Stabler isn't coming back this season)
**Revenge 10-11 pm on ABC

Big Bang Theory 8-9 pm on CBS
**The Secret Circle 9-10 pm on CW

Desperate Housewives 9-10 pm on ABC

Whew....Guess it's a good thing I have DVR so I make sure I don't miss any of my shows!

Happy Thursday people!

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