Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Weekend Recap

Hello Monday, you came a little too quickly. But then again, don't you always? Stop stealing my weekend's thunder.

This past weekend was great. Friday after work, Shane and I took off for Savannah, GA, booze and green clothes in tow. We arrived about 7:30 and had a low key night with Brandon (our friend we were staying with), his friend Erin, and our friend, Beth.

We hung out, had a few glasses of wine, and dyed Brandon's hair green. Yes, DYED HIS HAIR GREEN. Brandon is the only person I know bold enough to pull this off, but it looked great as a finished product and clearly he got plenty of attention for it on Saturday.

Saturday morning, we woke up at 7:30 and began to prepare for the day. We made a few Irish car bombs and set out to walk downtown to River Street. It was a long walk but stopped a few times to watch the awesome parade.

starting out

yes, that would be Brandon. with green hair.

As our first time in Savannah, we were looking forward to seeing the beautiful, historic parts of the town, but that will have to be another trip. It was a beautiful day and we could definitely tell the town and it's buildings were a sight to see, but everywhere you looked, all you could see were people for miles. It literally looked like ants pouring in to the city from every direction.

I kept meaning to snap a picture of the large crowd on River Street, but this was the only one I managed to take. You can see how crowded just the area I was taking the picture was, and the cute little baby dancing in the window.

We spent close to 10 hours hanging out in some of the different bars and meeting up with a few people we knew. We had a blast and by the time we made it back to Brandon's that night, we were drunk, happy, and exhausted.  

St. Pat's 2012 was a success.
And needless to say, this girl is starting to show her age. We had to come back to Columbia early Sunday morning so Shane could work, and I didn't manage to move out of bed all day.

Did any of you go out to a festival or bar to celebrate?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Isn't Savannah gorgeous?! Ah, love it. Also love the green hair! Glad you had a great weekend, friend!

    Keep Shining,