Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where I've been....

I've sat down to write this blog post about 7 or 8 times but every time my fingers hit the keyboard, I was drawing a blank. I haven't felt very "inspired" to write anything lately. I have high hopes for this old bloggy and hope to continue gaining followers. I've just been drawing blanks lately.


Things have been busier than ever for me. I picked up my THIRD job recently. Yes, third. But i'm loving it. Between my full-time job (where i've been increasingly gaining more responsibility from the higher-ups... high five for me!) i'm also still working at the good old arena selling tickets to events where I used to work during college. Recently, I came across a golden opportunity to do some marketing and social media for a family friend running for state senate! This has been awesome so far, and although I'm just getting started, this is opening a lot of doors for me and allowing me to develop some great experience. Now, he just needs to win :)

Everywhere Shane and I go these days, we are asked how he is feeling and if he's back to normal. This has just been such a constant reminder that even though something really crazy and scary happened, SO many people were supporting and praying for us and that is just so humbling. But other than a pretty significant scar, Shane seems to be doing GREAT these days. Thank God!!! :)

This diet thing is finally starting to produce some results. Gah, I feel like I should be super skinny now, but I know i'm doing this the healthy way this time. I'm losing weight slowly, but i'm not doing a crazy diet and give or take a few slump weeks i'm still down about 10 pounds. I'm hoping it will pick up losing a little more now that i'm back to a weekly routine of working out and cooking for me and the hubby.
So basically, not too much interesting going on my way....i'll be back later with some more substance to my  future posts, I promise.

out to dinner a few weekends ago


  1. Glad to hear you both are feeling better! P.S. I love that shirt!

  2. Whoa?! Three jobs?! You're a rockstar! Thinking of you, girlie!

    Keep Shining,