Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning + Organization

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

This time of year when the sun is shining, I find myself in such a productive mood.

And there is nothing that pushes my productivity over the edge than turning the blinds on a bright sunny day and looking around your home. Something about natural sunlight makes you see things in a whole new perspective. My eyes begin to immediately see things that have been hiding beneath the dreary months of winter. I'm talking dirt and clutter. Our place is due for a good sprucing up!

The past few days I've been browsing my Pinterest boards that are oh so inspirational, and have decided on a few projects that i'll be working on these next few weeks to clean+organize our lives.

1. Daily chores
This first printout I found on Pinterest with a dead link, so I can't give credit. If any of you have seen this floating around on a blog/pinterest with the proper link, let me know and I will change (I hate not giving credit!)
Anyhoo, I'm thinking of printing/framing this sheet to hang in our kitchen. Shane and I are home at different times in the morning and afternoon, so this seems like a perfect reminder of our daily chores that will free up our weekends from having to completely scrub down the house.

 2. Organizing "leftovers" from our wedding.
Yes, 7 months later, I guess it's time I can start working on some post wedding projects. I've framed photos all over our house (maybe a little obnoxiously) but I have a huge box in our attic of STUFF from our wedding and leading up to it that I want to do something with. Here are a few ideas that I plan on working on to display those things.

found here
I also want to do this with not only all of our wedding cards, but I have years of birthday and special occasion cards that I have collected that are hanging or sitting all over our house. This would be a great way to reflect back on the special ones.

found here

3. "Declutter" pictures
It's time I face the fact that I'm a picture whore. Yes, I document everything and have WAYYYY too many pictures. And the 1000+ pictures we have documenting our wedding day doesn't help my addiction. And don't even get me started on my precious twin nieces. They're only 7 months old and I already have a ton of their pictures. With that being said, I don't want our house to look like a photo gallery. I fully think that there is such a thing as having TOO much. Now, I don't think we've reached that point yet, but we haven't even had kids yet. So i've decided to start making photobooks of some pics that I just don't need to necessarily have hanging on our walls. We have had so much happen in the past few years and nothing documents those memories quite like photographs. Shutterfly has some very creative photobooks, so this is definitely a project I want to do to get rid of the stacks of photos sitting in our office right now that I just don't have room to frame.

great idea to capture showers, wedding festivities, graduation, special events, etc. Pin found here

What are some of your Spring cleaning/organizing projects? 
Have you ever done any of these projects? 
How did they turn out??



  1. I am so glad you found my blog!

    I am in the middle of organizing photos for photo book too! I just think having a book made at the end of each year will be so much easier to keep track of!

  2. I have stuff I want to shadow box, too! It's been laying around too long. I just need to find somewhere to buy shadow-boxes on this island!