Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Cloud Nine

I've been reading this book that my fellow bride friend, Sarah bought me that offers some amazing advice about getting married and the first year as a married couple. I've read about half of it, and it really has offered some great advice/prepared me for things to expect.

One of the chapters talks about brides and how they handle their special day. Every bride deals with their exciting day differently and the author of this book describes some of the emotions that you will experience.

As I told you last week, I had my first bridal shower this past Sunday, and I got a little glimpse into what this author was talking about first hand. My bridal shower was so amazing and surreal. I am still on cloud nine thinking about how much fun it was to be together with my close friends and family, and how I literally could feel the love surrounding me throughout the room. I spent all of last week giddy and excited and Sunday did not dissapoint. It's just such a humbling and unreal feeling to get to be around so many people who are excited and happy to be celebrating this special time with me.

As far as the shower itself went, it was a hit! My mom and future mother in law did an amazing job preparing everything from start to finish and they had some amazing help.

The theme was a kitchen and recipe shower, and everyone that was invited was asked to bring a recipe along with their gift. I can't tell you how excited I am to try some of these recipes. I know this collection of recipes will be one I will keep forever!

Some of the recipes I got included:
-Baked Chicken and Rice
-Greek Style Roast Lamb
-Southwestern BBQ chicken
-Easy Cheesy Chicken
-Swiss Cheese Lasagna
-Chicken Casserole
-Artichoke Tomato Pasta
-Tex Mex Taco Soup
-Strawberry Pretzel Salad
-7-up pound cake
-Pecan Pie (my Grandma's famous!)
-Fudge Pie
-Cinnamon baked fruit
-German chocolate cake w/ coconut pecan frosting
-Chocolate Chip Cake
-Red Velvet Cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting
-Orange juice cake
-Chocolate Toffee Bark
-Bumble bee break
-Broccoli corn bread (my mom's and my favorite growing up!)
-Carrot cake muffins
-Skinny Margaritas

I can't wait to try these, and i'm happy to share, so if you see anything you'd like to get the recipe for, send me a message and i'll pass it along to you.
***as you can see, as few of these I may need to wait and try AFTER the wedding so I make sure my dress still fits! :) ***

A few pics from the shower...

Parting gifts - home made oreo balls and peanut butter balls

Fun recipes!

My beautiful mom

My bridesmaids

My MOH, made this glass for me!


  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your shower. It was a beautiful day.
    P.S. I want to try all of your recipes, even the ones with broccoli in them. ;)

  2. Man I take good pictures!!! Jk, I had a lot of fun and I am glad that you enjoyed it!!!!! Cant wait until the wedding now!!!