Friday, July 1, 2011

Can I brag a little?!

It's no secret i'm a huge Carolina Gamecocks fan, I have been all my life. My dad began taking me to games before I was old enough to yell "GO COCKS" and the tradition continued until I began my college years at Carolina, where my passion for Carolina became even more prominent.

I will always pull for my Gamecocks in every sport, but some, I enjoy more than others. Baseball has never been a sport that I have thoroughly enjoyed. (I know, GASP, i'm not American...blah blah blah) but the fact is, I just get bored. S even played/coached baseball and it took all my love for him to stay through an entire game.

Well my friends, I have been changed. It all began last year when our baseball team was doing extremely well and the hype for these games was like non other i've ever seen. I went to quite a few games last year and actually enjoyed it. I kept up with Carolina and watched them all the way into the postseason. That, is where it got downright exciting. I was so excited by those games and how well our gamecocks had done. We made it all the way to the College World Series, and WON! Yes, I will never forget the night we won, because it is quite possibly one of my favorite memories from being in college. I went to a bar in the Vista with my friend B and we met up with some of my other friends. The excitement in that bar made the game and winning SO MUCH FUN... I don't really remember too much after we won because it was all followed by lots of screaming, heavy drinking, and dancing on tables. It was pretty much the wildest i've ever seen a bar in my entire life. The pride that I felt for my school and my favorite team that night was such a great feeling.

 This year, Carolina baseball was no different. It was just as exciting all season (even though i didn't make it to any games, S kept up with it religiously and kept me filled in.) For any of you who live in this state or have a TV for that matter probably know where this story is going, but guess what, REPEAT..... WE WON the College World Series AGAIN. We broke some crazy amounts of records and our boys just made winning look downright EASY.

This is where the bragging comes in. Anyone who has ever or does play a team sport should watch a Carolina baseball game. It is beyond humbling to watch these boys play together. None of them took the credit for their outstanding performance alone. And believe me when I say, you can just see the passion in their eyes when they play. These boys love the game of baseball and never gave up. Some of the games were freaking nailbiters (and if you're a Carolina fan, you're used to that!) but this team battled and faught their way through it winning every. single. game. they played in Omaha.

Yeah, I deserve to brag on this team!

National Champions

Super Proud!!!

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