Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The day planner

Bloggies, it's time I tell you about my secret obsession, one that has plagued me since the beginning of my school years....

Finding the right day planner!

Hah, it's true though. S swears I have as many day planners as days in the year, (I really don't)
BUT with each new season, generally comes a new day planner. I just can't help it, i'm always on the hunt for the one that can help me be as organized as possible. I have a calendar on my phone, work, and laptop (that I also use) but there is just something about writing things down that makes me feel accomplished. Yes, I am the "make to-do lists daily" person, and have been known to write things on my to-do list that have already been done just so I can cross them off. (DON'T JUDGE).
I may be a little OCD (Olivia Casey Disorder?) and very type A, but when you've stayed as busy your entire life as I have, you need all that you can to keep you straight.

In fact, it's one of the reasons I got my job that I currently have. In my interview, my boss was reading my resume and was very complimentary on all the tasks that I have taken on in my college years. She asked me how I kept it all together, ^ hence when I confessed the above. She seemed to be impressed? :)

So, without further wait, meet the latest friend. The one to the left was my older day planner, which has lasted me since January, if you can believe it, and the hot pink pretty one is my newest. It was almost love at first sight, it even comes with a space for making to-do lists. :)

My obsession

Target school/office supplies does not help my obsession. In fact, both of the ones from above have come from Target.

If any of you are organization crazies like me, i'd love to hear where you get your "organization" tools!

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