Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I would do this.

Not that i'm bitter or anything. but it would just so happen that I'm getting married when gas prices are at an all time high.

And silly me, I have NOTHING locally. Literally, not only are all my vendors in Florence, but my photographer is in another part of the state, and my dress, well, it's in North Carolina.

So long gone are the evenings of sitting in front of the tv in my pajamas relaxing w/ the future hubby and a glass of wine. Nope, it just so happens that I also started a new job and have no vacation time, so I keep having to make little trips in the weeee hours of the night.

Tonight, my friends, is no exception. I'll be treckin' on up to NC to go for my 2nd dress fitting.

I probably should have thought this through, what with gas being over $3 a gallon.

Anyways, not that i'm complaining, just letting you know that if I am eating ramen and my car breaks down, it's just cause I'm wedding planning, no biggie. :)

But I am super excited to put my dress on again tonight. Gahhhhhh, it's love. <3

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