Thursday, August 11, 2011

I can see our floor... and randomness

We have almost completely FINISHED unpacking and I can finally see our floor! It feels good to have everything put away and to just enjoy getting used to living in our new home. With that being said, it is hard with my OCD ways because the place isn't exactly how I want it to be, but we're going to wait until after the wedding to see what all we have before I go on a decorating frenzy!

Here are a few pics of what i'm loving about our new place already!

Our housewarming present from my Dad, Pat, and Grandma!
Our little nook in the kitchen that holds a lot of entertaining pieces we got at our showers! :)
This is how she stands the whole time I'm cooking dinner...waiting on her daddy to get home!

What we've been doing this week 

I've absolutely LOVED cooking in my new kitchen. I've made homemade meals every night this week and it has been so much fun using our new appliances and cookware we've gotten... and I know Shane has enjoyed coming home to a cooked meal every day.

Also, because Shane and I don't have cable yet, we've been frequenting Redbox this week since I must watch tv to unwind before going to bed. If I lay down without the tv on, my mind starts wandering to the millions of things I need/want to do and before I know it, i'm up hammering nails in the wall to hang pictures. (that may have happened this week.)

Anyways, so we've rented a few movies to get us through until cable comes. I've yet to make it through a movie without falling asleep, but that's besides the point.

Last night, our movie of choice was this:

BY THE WAY. I wish my freaking roommate, who has seen this movie (that's you KJ) would have warned me she puts a kitty in the dryer. I was completely over the movie at this point... call me crazy, but I decided that this movie probably wasn't the best thing for me to be watching before I tried to get some soundless sleep. 

Next time, i'll stick to some happy-go-lucky movie before bed.

In happier news....

I'm super excited that tonight, I get to go see Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and The Band Perry in Charlotte with some pretty awesome people! It should be a fun time and a great way to kick off what I plan to be, a very relaxing weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I have some ME time planned. Yesterday, my Dad told me to "stop stressing about the final little details for the wedding and focus on being pretty and ready"
Thanks Dad, I'm taking your advice and going to the spa this Saturday for some major pampering, followed by some time out by our new pool. I've lost my tan completely and I have TWO WEEKS to get it back!

I warned you this was a random post.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite posters, and something that definitely describes how I am feeling (found on Pinterest, obviously!)

Happy Friday Eve friends!

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