Monday, August 8, 2011

All I needed was some new tires...

Last week started out as any other week would. I had a massive to do list to accomplish for the week, but I was prepared. Some of the things on my to-do list included: finish packing up our apartment, make a trip to Florence to meet with our DJ, tie up some loose ends for wedding planning and get new tires. My goal was to have all of this done before our big MOVING day on Friday.

Well, things didn't exactly go that way. Upon taking my car to get new tires, I discovered some major underlying problems with my car. Problems that needed to be addressed for the safety of my car and would equal to around $2,000+. Now my car's almost 9 years old and it has been a good one for me, but like any car with a lot of miles and a few years under it's belt, it was starting to show some age.

So after lots of consideration and a second opinion, I opted to trade my car in while I could get some bang for my buck. I spent a lot of last week factoring a car payment in to mine and Shane's budget and 3 days of stressing and a few headaches later...I made a decision to buy a car!

As if that wasn't exciting enough, I had a few other crazy things to deal with, including:

-I lost my phone. YEAH. When Shane and I were in Florence meeting our DJ, I somehow left it in the Target bathroom and between the 5 minutes it took me to realize I had left it, someone had jacked it out of the bathroom. HAVE FUN WEDDING PLANNING YOU STUPID THIEF. Yeah, I'm a little bitter about it....I had a lot of important wedding information saved in there.
-Shane and I made a decision on the living room furniture that we wanted to buy and made that purchase. We found a GREAT deal and couldn't be happier with our decision.
-My step-dad had to be taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. They were worried they were going to have to admit him, but after a few hours of rest and lots of fluids, he was able to go home. WHEW. it's too damn hot outside
-Our old apartment is completely empty and our new place is full of boxes. My parents brought down all the gifts we received from my showers on Sunday (they were storing them for us), so now we have even more boxes to go through! The good news is, we have a lot of awesome new stuff that we've gotten as wedding presents and they're going to go great in our new home.
-I took my mom shopping for a new dress for the wedding. After having a dress that she previously purchased, we decided it wasn't "quite right," so we went shopping again. We were both nervous with it being SO close to the wedding that we wouldn't be able to find something, but the very first dress she tried on was a winner and she's going to look beautiful.

Needless to say, last week was a roller coaster. A LOT happened and after it is all said and done, I made it through! And somehow ended up in a new place, with a new car, and a new phone. Hah, I didn't plan it that way, but here's to hoping this week is a little calmer. I'll be slowly unpacking and making our new place into our home *sigh* and Shane is working in Aiken on business this week.

Oh, and the wedding is now 19 days away. :)

A few pics from the weekend...

my NEW CAR!! A 2011 Nissan Altima
Our planner I created that includes our monthly finances!

our living room, including our NEW couch!

our bedroom
 More pics to come as I keep unpacking! Have a great week bloggies!

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