Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh heyyyy August!

YAY.... it's our wedding month!

August is usually quite possibly the worst month of the year for me. Not because anything bad happens, it's just NOTHING that exciting's just a lot of waiting around. I'm usually busy getting ready to go back to school, anticipating a busy fall, my birthday, Carolina football, and kind of dreading the fact that my summer is coming to an end.


My whole life is changing. I'm moving in to my very own place with my soon to be hubby!

OH, and did I mention i'm getting married?!?!?!?!?! probably a feww times right?


My sis in law is in the hospital. She went in to pre-term labor, but she's only about 26 weeks along so we're really hoping the doctors can stop her from giving birth for a few weeks. I went down to visit her Saturday, and we had a mini-shower in the hospital. She will be there until the babies come, but we're just hoping she can relax and those girls will have some time to grow. I'm praying hard for her and my little nieces....I am so excited to meet them!!!

Check out her AWESOME diaper cake that her friend made. (to-do list...master making one of these before my friends start having babies....)

Nicole's diaper cake! How freaking cute?!?!

Oh...and this little bad boy came in this weekend. For anyone worried out there, I did, in fact, graduate! woo hoo! :)

must find frame, stat!

So bring it on August! You are going to be an exciting month!!!

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