Friday, September 9, 2011

Our wedding weekend: Part 2

The Ceremony:

From the time the doors opened for my dad and I to enter the church until after the ceremony concluded, I don't remember much. I remember looking for Shane and seeing legit, the biggest smile ever. :) There was my man waiting for me at the end of the aisle. Our ceremony was not scheduled to be that long, but it ended up being shorter than we even prepared. Somehow, in the midst of saying our vows and exchanging our rings, our pastor read right through the part where we were supposed to light our unity candle and have a violin solo. It was no biggie though, we were still pronounced hubby and wifey and walked out of the church! And I did hear some sniffling from behind me during the ceremony (i'm guessing that was probably my MOH)
Apparently, I had been shaking (which I never do) because as soon as Shane and I got out into the vestibule alone, he asked me, "Are you OK? You were shaking!" And my response? "We didn't light the unity candle!" We both started laughing and kissing, and I think we said to each other, "We're MARRIED!?!!?" about 7 times. Yeah, we're cute.
Once our guests filed out and started heading to the reception, we went back in to the sanctuary to take pictures with family. I will be interested to see how those turned out. My dress (which had about 17 layers of tulle) came out pretty far from my body, and with the train, it was practically impossible for people to stand too close to me because they were scared of stepping on my dress. Hopefully the photos won't look too awkward, but they should provide a pretty good laugh if they do!
After family photos were finished, our family headed to the ceremony, and Shane and I, along with the bridal party, headed outside to take some "fun pictures" Thankfully, the weather was beautiful, (that's right, TAKE THAT IRENE!). We took pictures for around 30 minutes and piled in to our limo for a little fun on the way to the reception. Classy as we are, we had some mini bottles and champagne to cheers with on the ride over that actually had me buzzed in the 15 minutes it took to get to the reception.

photographer's sneak peaks. :)

The Reception

When we arrived at our reception sight, Osbornes, everyone was in place for us to make our grand entrance and we all lined up in the back room. Shane and I were in the far back and I'm actually pretty sad that I didn't get to see my bridal party enter because my family said it was quite a sight! When we were lining up, the reception coordinator told us to "behave" when walking out, and yeahhh.... that was a mistake. There is no telling our group to behave...We were ready to party! After a fun entrance, Shane and I had our first dance, followed by my dance with my dad and his with his mom.
The next 2 1/2 hours went by super fast! They were filled with me talking to so many people I had not seen in ages and dancing the night away. And my new hubby was showing a side most never get to see. He was breaking it down on the dance floor! :) Shane never really dances at weddings or in public for that matter, but he seemed to be having a great time, and so was I!
When it came time for cake cutting, I was totally bad and smeared cake all over Shane's face. But did you really expect anything different?! Shane said he knew it was coming! muhahahah...*evil laugh*
Our toasts we extremely sweet. My dad kicked off the toasts by thanking everyone for coming, telling a few embarrassing stories on me, and welcoming Shane in to our family.
Our best man Cory, who is Shane's brother, and my MOH's speeches were perfect. Not sure if they intended to do this or not, but they literally played off of one another. Cory talked about how I had put up with Shane even when he made a fool of himself or how we made it work when Shane moved to Florida. MOH, Pam, thanked my family for being so accepting of her in our lives, and talked about how perfect Shane was for me. How everything that is imperfect about me, Shane completes. I knew it was going to happen, and i'll be damn if she didn't make me cry! I was so happy with how sweet and meaningful each of the speeches were and they are words i'll cherish forever. After toasts we danced a lot more, and by the end of the reception, we were all smiles, drunk, and exhausted.

photo of us leaving taken by LKPJ

That night was literally the best night of my life. The DJ kept the party going, and my friends and family seemed to be having a great time. And for anyone who knows me, seeing other people have fun makes me beyond happy. 
Our wedding was everything that I could have asked for and so much more. 
I married my best friend and together, we were able to celebrate the happiest time in our lives with SO many people that we love.

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