Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome Home!

Last week marked one month since we moved in to our new place, but it's just now beginning to feel like HOME! We're finally settled in, and with the wedding and everything behind us, we get to enjoy it a little more.

When we first moved in, we unpacked the necessities, and made it "livable." Having our place fully decorated (despite my OCD ways) was not at the top of my priority list. With it being the last month of wedding planning, I was a leeetttleee distracted by other events.

But now that we have received a ton of awesome gifts from our registry, we have been able to make our place feel like home! It has been sooo amazing getting to enjoy living in our place together and I'm beyond excited at the memories we'll make in our new place.

Let's take a little tour...

Our precious little place!

view into living room, dining room, and kitchen from our bedroom  

Our mantle

bedroom w/ Princess Lilo on her throne

bathroom (it's weirdly shaped so I just got a pic of the color scheme and monogrammed towels)
office area off our bedroom
craft area in our office :) aka. my new "inspired by pinterest" station
guest bedroom (still have a little work left to do)
back porch (pic taken through our screen door)

Who is ready to come visit? 
I'm dying to have people over to entertain. I have a ton of new cookware/serving stuff and about a million new recipes i'm dying to try! :)

Have a fantastic week!!!

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