Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Shane and I had a pretty fun time.

Friday night, we totally had a lazy night. I'm beginning to have more of them now that things have calmed down and loving it! We chilled on the couch and fought over the remote half the night. :)

Saturday, we got up early, cleaned, and got groceries so I could make tailgate food for the football game.

Lyndsey and Yale came up to visit from Charleston, so we had a mini-party at our place for the game. It was a blast getting to catch up with them and trying out some fun recipes for the game.

What was on the menu?

Garlic chicken and cream cheese puffs.
Bacon wrapped cocktail weenies w/ BBQ sauce for dipping
Buffalo chicken dip (a tailgating staple!)
Veggies w/ ranch and spinach dip
Potato skins

I managed to snap a few pics of the food (between us pigging out) and of the fun serving dishes I got to use! (thanks to some awesome wedding presents!)

fun football bowl

veggies in a USC platter

cocktail weenies on a football platter
After the game and that UGLY win against Navy, (but Hey, a win is a win) we went down the street to a bar. Now that Shane and I are living on the outskirts of town, we've been trying to find some happening bars to go to that aren't too far away. The places we checked out this Saturday = not happening. But we made our own fun, so that's all that matters!

delicious pitcher!

love of my life
Sunday was just as eventful. Lyndsey and Yale left around lunchtime, and my mom and stepdad arrived about 20 minutes later. They came to hang out for the day, watch the Panthers game, and mom fixed my FAVORITE meal ever, Chicken and Rice. It was a-mazing. I get my love of cooking from my mom, and well, she has this hobby perfected. The woman can cook!

While they were visiting, we had a new little friend show up on our back door.
...Lilo, meet stray kitty.

Our spoiled rotten, stuck up little cat, Lilo did not like this cat hanging out on our back porch. She growled and hissed for it to go away, but it just kept hanging around. We all took our turns stepping out on the porch to see it, and it was the sweetest cat ever. It was in heaven being shown some attention. (Lilo should have been taking notes.)

So, I broke down, fed the damn animal, and named him Simba. (in honor of the Lion King 3-D which is now out in theaters, duhhhhhh)

Simba was hungry!
Guess he decided to make our porch his home. Who knows for how long, but he seemed pretty content sleeping in the chair on the back porch last night, and he was there when we woke up this morning. Oh well, enjoy your stay little kitty.

That's about it for our weekend.
Now time to tackle my busy work week ahead!

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