Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!

This weekend was super busy, but we had a great time!

It started with a couples baby shower Friday night for our friends, Adam & Heather. They are expecting a baby boy the first of November. Heather is quite possibly the cutest mama-to-be and she was glowing. The shower was at this place in Lexington called Kovachi's and OMG, was it delish!?!?! There was fresh brushetta w/ tons of garlic, (YUM) greek salad, and I had spinach and feta stuffed chicken with alfredo pasta. It was to die for, and I had enough leftover for about 3 more meals!
I took some pics of us with the couple, but left my camera at home, so those pics will have to wait. The shower was a lot of fun, and the alcohol was flowing. Can't say i've ever had booze at a baby shower, but it made the night totally fun...(despite my minor headache I woke up with Saturday morning. woops)

Saturday, I was up bright and early and fighting the gross weather all the way to Florence. It poured down rain and made for a not-so-fun drive.
When I arrived in Florence, I met my cousin Brittney and she gave me a new "do", chopping off about 4 inches of hair! I LOVE my hair, it's definitely a change, and so much easier to style.

new hair by my favorite stylist
After getting mah hurrr did, I was off to see my dad, stepmom, brother and sis-in-law for some yummy BBQ lunch at our favorite country buffet in Florence, Cain's BBQ. After stuffing our faces, it was off to the hospital to see the girls! Avery and Kadence were 6 weeks old as of Saturday and weigh around 4 lbs. They are doing great, but have a long way to go. Saturday was a HUGE day for us. Grandma got to hold the girls for the first time. It was pretty amazing seeing her hold her great-grandbabies, and I don't think I've seen her smile so big. We took lots of pics and did a little crying and lots of oohhh and ahhhing at the girls. They are so adorbs and I can't wait to continue seeing their progress over the next few months.

 Avery (left) and Kadence (right)
The family (minus my stepmom who took the pic)

 When we left the hospital, we went back to Sean and Nicole's for some birthday celebrations. Since Grandma, Sean, and I all have September birthdays, we always open presents together. I got some great new clothes for work and new shoes (YAY).

That night, I made my way back to Columbia and curled up on the couch with Shane just in time for the Carolina football game to come on TV. It was an uglyyyyy game, but thankfully we won. I won't even recap how frustrating it was to watch that game.

Sunday, we were up early again. This time, Shane and I headed to Charleston to help move in my best friend, Pam. Pam was moving down from Western MA, and because she has 2 horses, she had to drive straight through the night, for 18 hours. I made that drive with her when she moved up to MA last year, and it's not a fun drive. I knew she would be exhausted, so I wanted to be there to help her unload. Typical Pam though, she was running at about 100 mph, and after we unloaded, she was ready for mexican and a cocktail. I'm SO happy she's back, although my liver is probably a little scared. My drinking festivities tend to become a little more frequent when Pam's around. :)

us at the mexican restaurant
After stuffing ourselves with Mexican and margaritas, Shane and I made our way back to Columbia, driving through TERRIBLE storms again.

Needless to say, we had a chill night last night and got ready for our busy weeks this week.

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