Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I'm LOVING the awesome time I had last night with some pretty GREAT friends for my birthday!
A lot of my close BFF'ers have moved away, so I was a little depressed not getting to have them around for birthday celebrations, but my old roomie and some great friends who still live near me came out to celebrate with us last night at good old, Ale House.

I was loving these dessert nachos!
me and the hubby! :)
Along with my birthday, I'm LOVING the fact that Shane got me a card that says Happy Birthday to his WIFE. It's the little things that make me smile, and man did I smile when I read that card. It was my first birthday as a wife!!!

I'm LOVING the amazing process my twin nieces are making. They are now a month old and cuter than ever. They're also gaining weight, and despite the setbacks they've had, they are such fighters. I can't wait to see how much they are going to grow over the next few weeks.

You will need to prepare yourself for the cuteness of this picture that my sis-in-law surprised my brother with on his birthday last week...

Cutest little gamecock fans EVER!

I'm LOVING the fact that my friend Lyndsey and her fiance, Yale are coming to visit this weekend and watch the Carolina game with us. I'm pretty excited to try some new Pinterest tailgating recipes and get to spend some fun BFF time together. Plus, Lyns is in total wedding mode and I am so excited to talk weddings with her! Even though ours is over, I'm still a fanatic about wedding planning and can't wait to hear all about her details.

Lyn & Yale at our wedding!!! :) how cute are they?!?!

And i'm LOVING the amazing support I always get from Shane. Despite the fact that the stresses from wedding planning are over, work stress has really been playing a tole on me this week, and I love coming home to a husband who is so supportive every single night. It makes everything else so much easier to bare with him by my side.
Snapped this pic while we were watching tv together the other night. I love married life! :)

Happy hump day friends! 
The weekend is right around the corner THANK GOD!

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