Monday, October 24, 2011

what's currently troubling me.

Ok people, i'm facing a SERIOUS dilemma this morning.

Like serious.

What to do with mah hurrr.
Hah! No but really, every couple of months I get this urge to do something different with my hair. 
Cut it, dye it, whatever. 
But when I do go for a change, it's usually a pretty drastic one. 
Now that my hair is short (and i'm not chopping off any more length!) I'm trying to decide on a color for the next few months....

Or if I should even do anything at all. IDK, maybe i'm just bored with it.

My hair currently (pic. taken on Saturday 10/22)

Or.....should I go for this color???? (pic taken 2 Christmases ago)

or somewhere in between?

I told you it was a dilemma. I need to think on it for a few days.

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