Monday, November 14, 2011

My best friend

During our wedding planning process, when it came to picking a song for our first dance, Shane and I realized that in the seven years we had been dating, we didn't have a song that we called our own. So instead, we tried to think of a song that had a lot of meaning to us and what our relationship stood for.
The song, "My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw seemed to be one that we both felt describe us perfectly. We are literally each other's BEST friend and soul mate and nothing can ever truly describe our feelings for each other... but this song came pretty close. 
 Shane and I met at a very young age. We both have some experience dating other people, but it's obvious that we were each others first true loves. We have grown up together and grown into this amazing relationship that nothing could ever take away.
For quite a few years now, when I've pictured what my life would be like years down the road, I've had different dreams of where I would be, what I would be doing, but one thing has always remained constant....Shane is always in the picture. He is my rock, he's my soulmate, and he's the one person I can be completely open and honest with about everything...
Shane and I have always faced negativity for our relationship. Our difference in age, or the fact that we've been together since we were in high school has always brought up question in other people's mind but our own. Yes, we've had tough times as a couple, but we've always made it out stronger and wiser. Shane and I fit each other perfectly and that is why I know our relationship is meant to last. 
And, yes, he spoils me rotten, but not a day goes by that we don't let each other know how appreciative we are for what the other one does.
I am so very grateful for the life I've built with Shane. And I'm thankful that we also have so many people supporting us and who celebrated our special day with us and the vows we took to always be each other's best friend.

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