Friday, February 10, 2012

TGIF Randoms

It's Fri-YAY! Not sure about y'all, but i'm glad to see this week behind me.

I really have no structure to this post, but here's some random happenings in the life of yours truly right now...
I am beyond excited that The Vow is now in movie theaters. And my awesome hubby is taking me to see it. I hope it's as good as it looks in the trailer... either way, it should be a good sappy love story.

I saw this floating around on Pinterest and I can't help but giggle everytime I see it
I have done horrible sticking to my WW diet this week. I think I was good for all of like 2 meals this week and I've completely blown the rest. I pray I haven't gained any weight and that this won't be too much of a set back. I really need to get back in the swing of things next week.... complete with working out. I haven't worked out in weeks. ugh.
I made a quick trip to Florence last night to see my fabulous cousin and get my hair done. I got a body wave (aka, a cooler term for a Perm.) My hair has always had a lot of wave, but lately, it doesn't hold curl and I'm all about the shower, scrunch, and go method a lot of mornings, so I was missing the curl in my hair. It looks a lot like my hair did before when it was curly, wavy, it just takes a lot less effort now. I love it! Shane loved it too, although in case you've never had/been around someone with a perm, it smells like crap for a few days. woops

wavy hair
Shane and I are going back to Florence Saturday night to help my brother with the twins. My sister in law is back at work, so weekends are pretty hectic around their house and Shane and I have been dying to see the babies anyways... it's been since Christmas. Prepare yourselves for a "Crazy Aunt Olivia" post next week with pictures. I love those little girls. Although, not going to lie... I think it will be interesting to be around them all day and night for once. I hear they like to cry and need their diapers changed and all that jazz. hmm.
My Spring calendar is filling up pretty quickly. I was going through my day planner, and it looks like we'll have a busy Spring with friends. Events I'm looking forward to in the next few months:
Carolina Cup | St. Pats Festival | Zac Brown Band and other concerts i'll be working at the arena here in town. YAY, it's almost concert season! |Bridesmaid dress shopping with my beautiful bride friend, Lyn | Bridal Showers | Weddings in April, May, and June | A possible trip to NYC to visit my bestie, MH. (I'm still trying to work around a weekend that fits in my schedule, but I'm so looking forward to a quick trip.)
I have no earthly idea what to get Shane for Valentine's Day. I'm the world's worst wife, but I seriously have no clue. I've been spoiling him a lot lately since I'm just so happy he's feeling better and I usually just buy things for him throughout the year if I see something he likes. (I just bought him to Polo's last weekend...dangit I should have saved those!) But I really have no clue, and he hasn't hinted or told me anything. I'm really going to have to rack my brain for this one. I'm open to suggestions!!!!

I think that's about it today for my randomness. 
Have a great weekend!!!!

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  1. Cute hair!! A group of girls and I are seeing The Vow tomorrow - seriously cannot WAIT!!

    Keep Shining,
    Shine On