Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie today for another What I'm Loving Wednesday!

 I'm LOVING that even though I'm super swamped with work this week, I have this to look forward to this coming weekend.

That's right, Shane and I are road trippin' it down to Savannah Friday to stay with our BFF, Brandon. We're so excited for a little get away that will include lots of fun and booze. Bring it on, Savannah, I'm ready for you.

I'm LOVING that I finally was able to file my taxes, thanks Raymond James for the delay (ugh), and I have my eye on these few fun items. Even though, most likely this money will be used for bills and savings. Yes, boring, but i'm still dreaming!
Found on Overstock

Found at Nordstrom

Clutch from Tiny Tulip
 I'm LOVING this workout DVD for the Xbox Kinect. If any of you have an xbox, I totally recommend this DVD. We've been using it err off and on for over a month, but I can totally feel results when we do it! I've been doing the arm workouts for a week or two and my arms already look better. I'm hoping to keep this up for even more results over the next few months. Did I mention it has over 90 hours of workouts?!?!? And they're all very different so you never feel repetitive.

Oh and last but not least, just had to include a few pics of my twin baby nieces.
They just had their 6 month pics done and can you say cuties?!?!?! They're growing everyday!
 Kadence left & Avery right

What are YOU loving today???


  1. I can't believe the girls are 6 months old!

  2. Your nieces are precious! I have twin cousins and they are so much fun!! And double the cuteness! :)

  3. I love those earrings! They're gorgeous! Also, your nieces are adorable! :)

    Dropping by from WILW!