Friday, May 18, 2012

Top Five This Week

Ello Lovelies!

Hope you have had a fantastic week! I'm linking up again with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to bring you my Top 5 Things of the week in...

1. Yesterday was my last FULL day at my job before I start my new one Tuesday. I'm in my office this morning turning in my key and packing up last minute things before I peace out! My coworkers treated me to lunch yesterday at a local BBQ place (where I'm pretty sure I gained a good 3 lbs) and gave me a gift certificate as a going away gift. It was super sweet and I'm really going to miss some of them.

My office all packed up
  2. Thanks to my blog friends and twitter, I've broken down, and downloaded 50 Shade of Grey to read. Damn all of you for talking about it so much I need to read it now for myself. Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll post what I think about it at some point or another. I'm excited to dig in though...

 3. TV/Season Finale madness
I'm such a TV addict and I'm definitely the prime demo for soo many of the primetime shows right now! Some of my favorites for this season have included: One Tree Hill (may it forever RIP), Revenge, Scandal, Hart of Dixie, American Idol, Gossip Girl, Ringer, & Greys Anatomy (although, I'm wayyyy behind on the DVR with this one and I'm trying to avoid all the angry tweets/blog posts about whatever happened last night)

4. This past Tuesday, I went after work for a free facial that I won by dropping my business card in a box at a local restaurant. It was SO relaxing, and even though they did it to promote their products, I didn't mind being a guinny pig and trying out what they had to offer. My face has felt so bright and clear this week.

I'm also planning to go for some extended pampering on Monday since I don't start my new job until Tuesday. Massage and mani/pedi, here I come! (thanks to my coworkers for the gift certificate, it will be FREE and much enjoyed!

5. Do any of you with an Iphone/Ipad play the Logos Quiz game app? If not, you should download it RIGHT NOW. So. Much. Fun. Last night, Shane and I may have laid in bed for an hour and a half guessing logos and fussing over the game. Nerd status right here.

So, friends, what were the top five things from YOUR week?
Have a wonderful weekend! 

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