Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This post is a little late, but It's been a crazy month.
By the way, what the heck? It's already JUNE?!?! Where has 2012 gone!!!

Let's go back a few weekends to Memorial Day Weekend. Shane and I were BOTH off for 3 days straight! With his job he usually has to work weekends, so that NEVER happens.

The weather in the south has been beautiful for the majority of May and memorial day weekend did not disappoint. Shane and I ventured up to North Carolina for a gorgeous weekend out on the lake and for his sister's wedding reception. (they got married back in February in New Zealand, so they had a local reception for friends and family to attend.)

Here are some pics of our fun, relaxing start to summer!

us with Shane's sister, Landon

 fun cupcakes and favor boxes at the reception
first dance
memorial day at Verdict Ridge Golf Club
Hello Summer!

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