Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Starting to sink in...

So for about a year now, i've been making all these big plans. Booking a venue, photographer, DJ, picking out this extravagant dress, etc, and it's still just seemed so surreal to me. It still just seemed like a big fantasy where I was planning my one-day wedding of my dreams to the man of my dreams.

Not sure what did it, but now it's starting to sink in that all this is really happening. In a little over 5 months, i'll actually be having the wedding of my dreams and marrying the most perfect man. My plans are starting to come together and it's starting to feel real. And i'm so excited I can barely contain myself :)

I've crossed all of the major things off my wedding to-do list, and now i'm getting down to the, well, minor details of things.

In other news, I have some more BIG things coming up in my life.

I just found out that my brother and sister in law are expecting. And if that isn't exciting enough, they're having TWINS. They are only about 8 weeks along, but I can't wait to know the sex so I can prepare to start spoiling the mess out of my future neices or nephews!!!

I just ordered my college graduation invitations, and yet another milestone in my life is about to take place. In less than two months, i'll be thrown out into the real world. It's kind of scary, especially since I don't have a full time job lined up (AGHHHHH), but i'm so excited to start this next chapter in my life. I have such a supportive fiance, family, and friends that I know things will work out for the best.

Now enough blogging for today, I have jobs to apply for! :)

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