Friday, September 30, 2011

Tailgating/South Carolina Football

As I was on my way to work yesterday morning, I was listening to a girl being interviewed on the radio who has written a book about football and tailgating traditions of the SEC. It got me super pumped up and I started thinking about my own experiences with football and tailgating.
Having been a die-hard South-Carolina fan since I was in my mother's womb, it's only second nature to me that Saturdays in the fall are devoted to football. Now I could watch football in general all day, but there are 2 college teams I routinely pull for, South Carolina Gamecocks, and anyone playing Clemson. (yes, i'm pretty sure that's a bumper sticker, but it's true!) :)

Growing up, my dad always had season tickets, and it was a fall Saturday tradition. Ever since I can remember, we would devote our Saturdays riding to Columbia with USC flags and magnets on our car and the smell of fried chicken and fresh made sides filling my nose. Most of the time it was just me and daddy, occasionally bringing my brother or, when I was younger, my teddy bear (who always had the nicest gamecock gear, of course).
We would have so much fun. Daddy would always take me around to his other friend's tailgates and we would socialize with them. I learned about football at such a young age, and I felt proud that I knew what was going on during the games and I could keep up with my dad and the people around us. I knew every cheer, our fight song, and most of the songs the band played.
The ride home was pretty lonely for my dad as I would drift off to sleep to the sound of Todd Ellis reflecting on the game.
As I got older, my dad and I continued to attend games and we kept our tradition alive. A few times while I was in high school, I'd get to bring friends or Shane along with us. During these years, my dad moved to North Carolina, so going to every single game was a little hard for him, but we still managed to go to most of the home games.
When I went off to college, my tailgating became a little more hard core. I was able to make crazy delicious tailgating food and of course we spent hours in the parking lots drinking, eating, and socializing.  Not to mention tickets for students were free, (thanks to daddy paying my tuition, of course!) 
South Carolina football has been a time where many new friends and unforgettable experiences have been made many times in my life.
This fall has been especially different for me, because it's the first time in my life I haven't been attending games. My dad is no longer a season ticket holder, and i'm no longer a student. I've had to watch the games at home this year. Don't get me wrong, spending time cuddled on the couch with the hubby watching the games has been great, but I'd be lying if I said we don't both miss it like crazy.

But watch out Williams Brice Stadium, this girl is making her return this weekend!!!

Tomorrow, South Carolina plays at home against Auburn and i'm excited to be going to my first game of the season! Shane is off work and our friend, B is coming up from Charleston. 
The three of us plan on getting out there pretty early to get our drink on and feel back at home
I'm so excited!


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