Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Monday!

I'm in an incredibly good mood this morning. 

I'm blaming it on the weather! It's so freaking nice outside. Just a little on the chilly side and I love it. It's a turn off the AC, let the windows up, and light a pumpkin spice candle kind of day.

Yes, I understand it's only Mondays, and I normally HATE Monday's, but we'll roll with my good mood this morning.

So let me catch you up on what's happening with me lately.

-We went to the Carolina game Saturday. Or rather, tailgated at Willy B, and left once the game started. It was good to almost be back, but tix were selling for about $100/each and I just wasn't feeling it. And judging by the outcome of the game, I don't think i'd have been a happy camper if we would have paid $100 for a ticket. I was perfectly happy getting to tailgate and see a lot of old friends, then watching the actual game itself in the comfort of my own home where I could drink even more! :)

-Shane and I are starting Weight Watchers again today. I went on it earlier this year, and really succeeded when I followed the plan, so i'm trying it again. I've put back on a few pounds since the wedding, and it's time for them to come back off and then some. I want to feel comfortable in my body again!

-Work has been a pain in my butt lately. I loveeee my job, but there are some aspects about it (that are beyond my control) and it makes for some stressful days. Hopefully things will start turning around again soon.

-My nieces are doing sooooo good!!! Kadence weighs 4lbs 11oz and Avery weighs 4lbs 1oz. My brother said that the doctor thinks they could come home as early as a few weeks from now, but a lot will depend on their continued progress. Prayers are still appreciated for these girls. It really is amazing to see how much these girls have already grown and developed. We have had so many friends and family praying for them and I know Sean and Nicole feel very blessed to have had such supportive people through all of this. It's amazing how much I already love these girls and can't wait to spoil the mess out of them. I just know they are going to LOVE coming to visit Aunt Livi and Uncle Shane.

-Our wedding photos have started to come in! My photographer sent me the link to the first 400, and they look amazing!!!! (yes, the FIRST 400, and they just go until right before the ceremony started...HAH!) She will be sending me a CD once the rest are finished, and I can't wait to have them all. We have a few incomplete walls and photo frames that I can't wait to fill wedding pictures with. I will definitely post some favorites on here once I have them all, even though it's going to be hard to choose, I already have SO many favorites!

-I am in such a crafty mood lately. I blame it on Pinterest and all the fun finds i've come across! I've already made a few decorations for our home for the holidays, and I have a lot of great ideas for Christmas presents this year! Between that and the cricut that my boss owns, I have a feeling I'm going to be going a little DIY wild this season. Stay tuned, i'll definitely include some projects in my blog! :)

That's about it for me these days! Have a fantastic week everyone!

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