Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And we're makin' plans

Since yesterday went on about how much extra time I have now that my life has slowed down a little, I thought i'd pick right up with some projects and things I want to get crossed off my to-do list in the next few months.

1. Get organized.
                    Sayyy whaaaa? Yes, I said it.... I want to get even more organized than I already am. Since Shane and I combined our finances and picked up some, um, gross adult bills, I want to make sure we're staying on top of our finances. I also want to make sure I don't miss a beat this holiday season. Now is the time for lots of parties and get togethers, and I want to make sure I get a chance to go to as many of these as possible. I just ordered my Erin Condren Life Planner.(what's that you say? Oh just wait, it shallllll make an appearance in the blog soon enough.) And I will be using this little gift to OCD freaks as a way to make sure I never miss a party/appointment.

2. Obnoxiously display our wedding photos.
                Yes, our wedding photos are almost completed. I should be receiving the CD with all the photos soon and to say i'm excited would be an understatement. I have bare walls that need pictures on them pronto. oh, and they're so good. I have a feeling many Christmas gifts will revolve around these pics. (if you are on the receiving end of Christmas presents from yours truly, you did not just read that.) But no really, if you want to check them out for yourself, go here. They are amazinggg! :)

3. Get mah butt in shape.
                 Let's just go ahead and BOLD this one and plaster it on my forehead so I don't forget. Shane and I tried to give up our gym membership to save money, but getting out of that contract was like killing a baby, so we need to utilize it. 
Going along with this one, I also need to download some new tunes for my IPOD. I'm currently obsessed with Adele, but her music isn't really the workout type, so i'm taking suggestions for good/get you pumped up music.

4. Go visit my precious nieces and spoil the mess out of them.
              After 8 weeks, the twins are FINALLY home from the hospital and I am itching to go see them! I'm trying to wait on a day when the hubby and I are both off work so we can go together, but Mr. Workaholic does not have many weekends off so I may just have to go without him.
And speaking of which, if anyone knows of any cute online children's boutiques, please share. I get completely overwhelmed in baby stores, and I want to find them some ridiculously cute clothes for Christmas presents.

5. Get involved in a church.
              I mentioned on Monday that Shane and I went to a church we liked this past weekend and I really want to make it a priority of ours to keep going. Our friends that we went with are involved in some of the sports teams at the church and that's something Shane and I would love to do as well. 

6. See more of my BFF, Pam.
                So, you may remember me mentioning that my bestie from MA recently moved back to SC and I have only seen her ONCE since she moved back. OMG. And, on top of that, she is no longer on G-Chat while i'm at work, so I haven't gotten to catch up with her and i'm missing it.... big time...

So there you have it....

Those are on the top priority list of things to do this Fall and before the year ends. I'm sure i'll have a whole new list of things to accomplish in 2012, but this will do for now.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. YAY organization! I am obsessed with being organized, and I love that it's number one on your list - woo hoo!

    megs [at] Shine On