Monday, October 17, 2011

When the weather is this nice, you can't help but be happy

I am on cloud nine from this weekend.

No, we didn't do anything too special, but Shane was off the whole weekend and there is nothing I would have rather done than spend the entire weekend together enjoying this beautiful weather.
Seriously, the little bit of time we did spend indoors, it felt like a sin. Like we should be out enjoying every last breath outside. It is rare that the weather is ever this nice and warm outside without the humidity kicking in.

So here's a little recap of our perfect weekend.

Saturday morning, Shane and I got up and headed our separate ways. He headed to the mudrun and I was off to help my friend Bre volunteer at the Columbia Walk to End Alzheimer's. Since Alzheimer's runs in my family, it is a cause that is near and dear to my heart, and when Bre asked if I could help, I jumped at the opportunity. There is just something about supporting a cause like this that makes you want to say an extra Thank You to God for blessing you with the life he has given....something I take for granted a lot.
I had to be out at the walk pretty early Sat morning.... but this was the view of Finlay Park that I got to stare at all morning.

October 15, 2011
After helping with the walk, I headed home to catch the game (and a nap at half time of course) with the hubby. As soon as the game was over, we tried to decide how we would spend the rest of the evening and knew it needed to be something that included being outside. So we got ready, and off to the State Fair we went for some fried goodness and fun! :)

We had so much fun, met up with our friend David, and ate lots of fried foods. :) We played a few of the games, because they are just so tempting, but we always walked away empty handed. We didn't ride any rides this year, but we still had a blast.
This was our fifth year in a row going as a couple and we always look forward to it.

snapped this leaving the fair.... I love the lights at night!

Sunday, our friends Jessica and Keith invited us to their church and to a newlyweds/engaged couples Sunday school class at Shandon Baptist. We REALLY enjoyed it, and we both agreed we'd be back. Since a lot of our friends our age have moved away from Columbia, it's nice to find a group of people our age that we can potentially get to know and hang out with.

After church, we pigged out at Jason's Deli, and decided we needed to get some sort of exercise. 
We were both so full that we knew if we went home, we'd crash on the couch for a long nap. 
So we went to Sesquicentennial State Park... We had never been there before, but thought it would be a great day to try it out. We found this neat little walking path that lead through the woods and around a lake. We aren't sure how long the trail was, but we walked for about an hour and a half and figured it was at least a mile or two long. But the view along the way was beautiful and it felt so good to be outdoors.

The lake we hiked around. So pretty

the beginning of the trail

of course I had to climb a tree at some point....
So that wraps up the fun weekend we had.... now back to the daily grind this week at work!

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