Monday, November 28, 2011

Addicted to Pinterest

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving and got to spend it with the ones you love. 
Now that the Christmas season is fast approaching and that means it's time for decorations and gifts!
I recently hosted a craft party with my boss where we had a few friends over to make some crafts and talk about ideas we had for the holidays. Not too many crafts were made at the actual party, but we got a lot of ideas from Pinterest and shared some GREAT tips with each other.

I wanted to share my first "crafts" of the season. They were all super easy but have added a great deal of flair to our holiday decor.

Seriously, if you aren't on Pinterest, get there! You will get some great ideas and waste all of your free time. (no really.)

Project 1:

The first project I did was wrapping a plain wooden letter (from Michael's) in twine. I had these really thin shelves for our guest bedroom and they don't hold much more than a frame or candle. This was a great idea I found that I knew would fit the shelf perfectly and add some personalization. It's super easy to make and there are a lot of variations that you can do to it. The key is hot glue. Especially if you're like me and have a letter that has a few curves to it. The hot glue will keep your twine from sliding and help you cover your letter. I did this in an hour and it cost about $4 to make (be sure to snag a 20% off coupon before you will save you a few $).

Project 2

Our first holiday decoration of the season. This wreath was made entirely of ribbon I found at Michaels, a foam wreath, and some Christmas twigs. It was literally the easiest thing to make and looks great hanging in our living room. (our front door is red so I'll be making another for the front. But this looks great inside too!)

Project 3

This fun craft I made is now hanging in our kitchen and prepared to hold all of our Christmas cards and pictures we receive this holiday season. I took a plain plate charger (on sale at Michael's for $1) and hot glued clothes pins (that I painted green) all around the plate. I then painted red polka dots and "Happy Holidays" on the center. I hot glued 2 strands of ribbon on the back and hung it in our kitchen. Now, when we receive cards, I can just clip them around the plate so they can be easily displayed. A fun and unique way of displaying Christmas Cards! :)

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