Friday, December 16, 2011

Well hello...

Tis' the season for busy calendars, lots going on, and no time for blogging.

So while I take a break from the massive amounts of contracts I need to pile through, let's turn up the holiday tunes and catch up shall we?
hmmm where to start?
Well my hubby's bday is tomorrow! I'm so excited, we have a busy weekend planned and he gets to see and hang out with his friends and family! We're small town bound tomorrow to have lunch with his mom and tomorrow night we'll be going to a Christmas shower for one of his high school BFF's who is getting married, followed by an ugly sweater party. I'm excited for that one since I have borrowed an awesome sweater from my step-mom complete with bells. yes, bells. But first, tonight, Shane and I will be having our romantic date night dinner at his restaurant of choice! :)

Oh, and we already exchanged our Christmas presents.... Santa, I can explain. 
I wanted Shane to have his early for numerous reasons. We were going to be busy every night and I wanted him to have some time to enjoy the present I bought him. It's an xbox btw....complete with a kinect and everything. He's loved playing on the kinect and watching movies/tv shows on Netflix this week while i've been busy with Christmas stuff. Plus, he doesn't know it yet, but his family will be giving him a ton of games and even more accessories to go with it.
Ok, ready for the sweet part? I wanted to wait and open my Christmas present on Christmas and just let him enjoy his, but he insisted I open mine, I mean ok, I won't argue. HE BOUGHT ME MY FREAKING KITCHENAID. I was soooo excited, and it's in the color I wanted, cinnamon. He said the reason he wanted me to open mine early was because I kept talking about doing Christmas baking and he wanted me to be able to use my kitchenaid. Husband of the freaking year, people.  
I guess now I should be doing some baking. 
Oh, but I have my recipes picked out and i'll be sure to share, thank you pinterest.

Work has been super BLEH for me the past week. I found out my boss is leaving so things are really about to change. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but we'll see... i've got some other opportunities on the horizon so maybe the new year will bring lots of new things. 

I have had some other distractions to keep my mind off of work things.

Monday night, we went out to 2 dinners. Yes, we're fatty's. Shane's brother graduated from USC, so we had a celebratory dinner for him. After that was over, we sped to a restaurant in Lexington to have dinner with friends for Shannon's birthday! We had a great turnout, and as always, had fun with lots of friends! 


Last night we had Christmas Bunco with a group of friends. It was so much fun getting to see everyone and playing. There was a chance to win close to $100 and I was all about trying to win. Instead, I came in 3rd. SO close. But I did score this super cute bowl Shannon made!

Ok, I really have to catch up on some work. 
Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season!!
Happy Weekend!

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