Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Football, y'all!

9 days. 

NINE FRIGGIN DAYS until the South Carolina Gamecocks play their first football game of 2012. 

And i'm PUMPED.


No, ......ECSTATIC.

Fall is by far my favorite season and a big reason why is because of football. Nothing beats tailgating all day with friends and family and watching your favorite team play this great American sport

I was lucky enough to grow up a die hard South Carolina fan, and am now privileged to call USC my alma mater.

Attending football games takes a lot of hard work. In the south, it's a fashion show. And a chance to prove who is the most hospitable person with their "fancy, shmancy" tailgates. And I love every part of it.

A lot goes in to dressing for the part... Below, I've included some necessities for looking your best at a South Carolina Football Game. (some I already have in my closet, and some i'm dying to get my hands on!)

For home games, it's all about dressing up! A black dress like the bottom right picture is a MUST. Pair with this necklace, or this one, and those Jack Rogers, you're good to go!

Skirts/tops are another of my favorite combos that are perfect for home games. The outfit like the one in the middle is a must have combo, and i'm just lusting over this garnet skirt
As long as you have a matching Carolina Gamecock Face tattoo, you're all set! :)

For away games, I like to keep it a little more simple. We usually have people over at the house or are hanging out eating and drinking with friends, so I'm all about the comfort for these games! Fitted tees like this one or this one are the way to go.

Like I said, Football in the South is A. BIG. DEAL. I've been preparing my wardrobe all summer for this season and I can't wait.

Any other BIG football fans out there? What's your favorite part? Are you excited??!??!!

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