Thursday, August 16, 2012

That time I almost thought we weren't married...

Let me just state... for the record.... name changing is a b*tch!

I'm so glad I only have to go through this process once in my life, because it's not fun.

I was pretty good about changing over most of my important documents (social security card, license, bank accounts, etc) within the first few months of being married. However, there was one large item I never made it to change, my passport. Going to the post office is quite possibly one of the most dreaded tasks and after a year of mailing off invitations to the wedding, showers, and thank yous, i'd be happy if I never step foot in a post office again.

Except one problem... Shane and I are going on a cruise in November and we need our passports.

So I looked up the necessary documents I needed to fill out, brought them, my marriage license, social security card, and passport picture to the post office today on my lunch break.

After waiting in line for 30 minutes, 2 things happened that literally made my heart stop.

- First, it's going to cost ANOTHER $110 to get my new passport. A lesson to ALL brides, change it within the first year since you APPLIED for your first passport, not a year from which you changed your last name. I thought I was still safe since it's been just under a year since I legally changed my last name.... NOT THE CASE. There goes my cruise drinking $$$. womp.

Second, apparently the post office doesn't require you to have brains to work there... The lady working the passport counter legit ARGUED with me for 10 straight minutes telling me that my Marriage License was not my Marriage Certificate and that I did not have the proper documents and that legally we were not married. WHAT!?!?!?! She was acting so stupid, she had me partially scared that somehow Shane and I were not married in the eyes of the court. She wouldn't take the document and told me I needed to go to the probate court right away because something wasn't right.

UM SAY WHAT!??!?! I literally left the post office in tears and ran across the street to the probate court. THANKFULLY, the people there were a lot more, um, educated.... and told me, I was IN FACT married, and had the correct document. She gave me her card so that if the lady at the post office argued with me anymore, that I could just have her call the probate office. I mean, my question is, what does this post office lady do all day?!?! I can't be the first new bride to change her name at the Columbia post office.

Whatevs.... now that is out of the way, I can, in fact look forward to celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks, and our cruise in November!

Happy Thursday peeps!


  1. what the heck?!
    I have to figure out all that icky paperwork and I am seriously procrastinating it..

  2. I feel your pain! I had a hard time getting my passport too. I applied for mine after we were married and after I changed my name. Well when I changed my name, I decided to drop my middle name and go by FIRST NAME, MAIDEN NAME, NEW LAST NAME. Easy enough, I did this at the Social Security Office first then changed my license, bank accounts, etc. with no problem. Well the post office told me I would need to have a hearing to have my name changed. They said just because the SS office allowed me to make the switch that it really wasn't legal. To make a long story short, I was able to get my passport by sending in my marriage certificate but really I have no idea what my legal name is haha. So frustrating! Enjoy the cruise though :)

  3. Noted! Name-changing is definitely a tiring ordeal. That's a lot of paperwork. But once everything is done and fixed, you can always store your important documents in digital and hard copy versions. Well, I hope you guys have a great time in your cruise. :)

    -Ruby Badcoe