Friday, May 4, 2012

Wedding Showers

Most people who have gotten married would agree that one of the most fun parts about getting married is all the opportunities you get to celebrate your special time.
Parties, showers, bachey celebrations, rehearsals, then of course, the actual wedding day.

I was very blessed to have amazing family, friends, and bridesmaids who made my experience so memorable. It was the best year and a half of my life. We celebrated the night we got engaged, an engagement party, two showers, a bachelorette weekend, and the whole wedding weekend.

Now that my own wedding experiences are over, I get to help plan for my friends and family that are now getting the chance to celebrate their special times. I am attending quite a few showers this year and have had the chance to help plan one for my cousin next month.

The shower that we're throwing next month is a Kitchen Shower.
I had one of these and it was awesome.(Click here to read about it)
Not only did I get most of my kitchen accessories that I'd registered for, but everyone brought me fun/family recipes that i'll get to keep and use for years to come. I love exchanging recipes anyways so this was awesome! Plus it's such a fun theme that you really get to go all out for.

I just sent out the invitations the other day for my cousins shower, and look how fun the invitations, labels, and recipe cards were.

And here are a few of the Pinterest inspired decorations we're planning to use: (Click here to go to my Parties & Showers board)

Have any of you ever been to a fun themed party or shower, or had one thrown on your behalf? 
What were some of your favorite parts?

Happy Wednesday Loves!

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